5 Benefits of Investing in Quality Designer Items Over Throwaway Fashion

5 Benefits of Investing in Quality Designer Items Over Throwaway Fashion

Throwaway fashion has its name for a reason. Mass produced, low quality fabrics in generic fits which often only last a handful of wears, but when it comes to creating your personal style, you want something to make you feel comfortable, chic and confident. Most of all, it will allow you to recreate your favourite looks repeatedly without wear and tear.

Nothing will ever compare to the feel of quality designer items. The flattering fits, soft materials and how effortlessly elegant it can look. Here are 5 benefits of investing in quality designer items over throwaway fashion:

Paying for Quality

Paying a higher price for premium fabrics and styles will benefit you in the long run. Particularly with staple pieces, quality designer items can last for years.

Unique Style

Choosing luxury style with quality designer items, means you are less likely to see someone wearing the same piece. In particular, choosing to shop preowned designer clothing from a consignment store, you could spot some really unique pieces. For example, there will be lots of vintage designs and past collections which can be difficult to find.

Also, designer trends tend to offer a lot more originality. With new trends, you will find many highstreet stores will stock very similar pieces, whereas quality designer items are more likely to have more depth and creativity in their looks.

Flattering Fits

Investing in quality designer items, crafted by highly qualified designers can transform your style. Designer clothing will often fit, style and shape you a lot better compared to generic highstreet collections. A better fit will also create a more structured, put-together look for elegant style.

Upgrading High Street Outfits

However, if you still love shopping on the highstreet, adding a quality designer accessory can upgrade any look. Pairing a designer handbag or shoes with a high street outfit will add status and glamour to your look. When strutting a luxury designer logo on your outfit, it can also represent class to other people, if you are looking to elevate your status.

Authentic Pieces

Nevertheless, you will only find the luxury of quality designer items when the piece is authentic. Counterfeit designer clothing and jewellery may look very similar but are most often mass produced with lower quality materials. However, if you are looking for the benefits of designer style without the designer price tag, consider shopping for nearly new preowned items.

Shopping with Us

At Secrets Fashion Agency we offer a vast collection of new and preowned designer fashion. As well as luxury clothing, shoes and accessories, we specialise in top end designer handbags including Mulberry, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel and Chloe.

To see for yourself, visit our Weybridge consignment store on Baker Street. Alternatively, browse our website for an insight into some of our collections.

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How to Shop for High Quality Designer Fashion on a High Street Budget

How to Shop for High Quality Designer Fashion on a High Street Budget

Shopping for designer fashion is always exciting. The luxury feel of a couture dress or the clutch on a designer handbag is priceless and guarantees you will have high quality wardrobe staples for many years to come.

However, a designer taste should not have to come with a designer price tag. Shopping on a high street budget for high end brands is possible when you know where to look.

Please read on for our top tips on shopping for high quality designer fashion on a budget:

Consignment Stores

One of the greatest joys of shopping in consignment stores is the large variety of clothing and accessories. From a catalogue of designer brands, numerous seasons and various designs, there is something for all tastes. As well as finding pieces you adore, in nearly new condition, you can make huge savings in consignment stores.

At Secrets we specialize in high end designer handbags including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chloe and Mulberry.

It is also perfect for those looking to shop sustainable fashion. By buying and reselling preowned designer clothing and handbags you’re saving money and items from going into a landfill.

Be Open Minded

With consignment stores you never know what treasures you will find. Therefore, it is important to keep an open mind to different styles and designers. You may walk in with the intention of buying an evening Louis Vuitton handbag and walk out with vintage Chanel.

But when shopping for second hand designer fashion on a high street budget, it’s always good to find versatile designs. A classic little black dress or nude clutch bag from high end designers can elevate your high street outfits.

Reselling Your Wardrobe

When shopping on a high street budget, it is always helpful to find ways to add to your shopping fund.

When reselling your designer fashion with a consignment store, it means you will get a share of the profit. This money can then be put towards your next designer treat to yourself.

Start Shopping Today

Since opening our store in 2011, Secrets Fashion Agency has became a staple store in Weybridge. We offer a wide range of pre-owned women’s designer clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories. All are in nearly new condition and at a fraction of their original RRP.

With more than 25 years experience in the fashion industry, our team are dedicated to providing quality personal service. We are here to advise you on both purchasing and reselling at our consignment store, to make the most of your trip.

To shop high quality designer fashion on a high street budget, visit our Weybridge store today on Baker Street.

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Sustainable Fashion: Choosing High Quality Over Fast Throw Away Fashion

Sustainable Fashion: Choosing High Quality Over Fast Throw Away Fashion

Shopping for designer products does not necessarily mean designer price tags. For those looking to shop for higher quality, more luxurious pieces, shopping for preowned designer clothing could be the solution. Finding nearly new pieces by top designers at cheaper prices is one of the many benefits of sustainable fashion.

With the increasing environmental concern that surrounds throw away fashion, it is time to adapt to more sustainable shopping habits.

Sustainable fashion centres around the idea of shopping for fewer higher quality pieces, then reworking them countless times. It also includes purchasing and reselling preowned fashion, as opposed to paying for fast fashion that is of lower quality and you will soon outgrow.

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