Sustainable Fashion: Choosing High Quality Over Fast Throw Away Fashion

Shopping for designer products does not necessarily mean designer price tags. For those looking to shop for higher quality, more luxurious pieces, shopping for preowned designer clothing could be the solution. Finding nearly new pieces by top designers at cheaper prices is one of the many benefits of sustainable fashion.

With the increasing environmental concern that surrounds throw away fashion, it is time to adapt to more sustainable shopping habits.

Sustainable fashion centres around the idea of shopping for fewer higher quality pieces, then reworking them countless times. It also includes purchasing and reselling preowned fashion, as opposed to paying for fast fashion that is of lower quality and you will soon outgrow.

Sustainable fashion with high quality designer clothing and accessories has many benefits:

Investing in Quality

Investing in high quality pieces over throw away fashion will provide longer lasting wear along with a luxurious feel.

Earning Extra Money

Sustainable fashion works both ways. As well as purchasing high quality fashion from consignment stores, you can also resell your own pieces when you have outgrown them. Not only will this allow another fashion lover to enjoy your wardrobe, but it won’t be added to a landfill and you can earn a bit of money!

Elevating Your Style

Narrowing your wardrobe to a small selection of high-quality pieces can help you develop your individual style. It will be easier to create outfits which make you feel comfortable and confident, rather than being worn for convenience.

Capsule wardrobes are becoming increasingly popular for the convenience of having a wardrobe filled only with clothes which you adore. This habit is a great way to encourage yourself to shop more sustainably and look for quality over quantity.

Repurposing Fashion

In Spring 2017 alone, 235 million clothing items were thrown into a landfill by Brits, statistics which are leading more people to shop sustainably. By reselling and purchasing pre-owned designer clothing and handbags we can make a huge difference on these numbers.

Open Minded Shopping

With shopping in consignment stores, part of the fun is not knowing what you many find. Perhaps a collection you missed, vintage styles or recent designs for a much lower price. If you have a designer taste and a brand you love you want to shop for, try consignment stores first. Not only may you find something at the fraction of its original price, you may also find other treasures along the way.

Start Shopping

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March 05, 2019 — SecretsFashionAgency Admin